My Free Google Phone Arrived!

March 24, 2010

I never posted the start of this story. To be honest I thought it was a scam, and didn’t want to boast about being burned. BUT alas it is not a scam! - The phone arrived as promised and ahead of schedule. [caption id=“attachment_682” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption="‘heres yer phone, thanks for rockin’"]Free Google Phone in Box[/caption] So if you did not infer from the text of the letter, or just can;t read it in that tiny photo, here’s the background. I released QueueMan through the Android Market back in October, about 4 months ago. SInce then, thanks to lots of feedback I have grown from 46 users to 12,000 active users, and ~20,000 downloads.  Awesome! So that was reward enough, but Google wanted to call out some developers in an attempt to seed the market with high-end android devices, smart. But the initial email came from an address I was unable to reply to, and led me to a generic Google ‘Sites’ page.  Anyone can make a page on Google Sites, and the tricky could likely spoof an email address. So there was my dilemma, do I give my name and address to a random web page that claims to be Google, or do I miss out on the sweetest phone ever~!? I did neither, I tapped an engineer I had corresponded with at Google. His email came back:

“rest assured the offer is legit. Congratulations on your free developer phone”

I’m sure, based on the criteria in the email, and the fact this is Google - this offer likely went to hundreds or possibly thousands of other developers. SO I rushed back to the site to make sure I got in on time, trusting now that the offer was sincere.  It was a few weeks before I got a confirmation. “Your new phone should arrive in 2-4 weeks.”  And here we are, just under 2 weeks later, staring at a brand new 1Ghz Nexus One powered by Android. I F***** LOVE Google. The phone is seriously snappy.  All the apps I had on my G1 now perform at hyper-speed. Smooth screen transition effects too!. **I’ll admit that even QueueMan performs better on the Nexus One from Google.**

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