Google Nexus One for only forty nine dollars ($49)

January 17, 2010

Everyone is talking about Google’s Nexus One. Most people are saying that an unlocked phone for $529 just won’t fly here in America.  We like our phones with a ridiculous amortization attached through 2 year contracts so we feel like we’re getting a deal.  Sure we end up paying far more than the phone is worth - but we don’t pay it all at once. That’s the American way - defer. Now if you tell a company like Verizon that you don’t want their discount phones for new contracts they will say fine.. but you won’t save any cash.  In fact you’ll pay more for unlocked phones plus an overpriced contract. However for those fortunate few who have escaped the new-every-2-until-your-dead plan there are other options - like a Google Nexus One for $49.  If you’ve not had enough of my Verizon bashing, please read on.

Google Nexus One Discount - Save $480

My carrier is T-Mobile.  However because I already enjoyed a 1500 minute family plan, we were not eligible for Google’s discount (interestingly this is not offered by T-Mobile - Google loses out on that cash. I suspect its a friendly scratch back for T-Mobile being the first to offer an Android device). But as I have mentioned twice now, I only paid $49 and bought directly from Google. How?   Fortunately you can get a huge discount with any T-Mobile plan.

How to get a Nexus One for $49

  1. If your current company acts like that free phone every two years is a gift - drop them. True carriers admit that you are paying an extra $10-20 each month to pay off that pretty phone they “gave” you.
  2. Signup with a carrier who not only fully admits that fact - but offers an opt-out. My carrier - T-Mobile will charge any willing customer $20 less per month if they want to buy their own. Be warned though - its actually harder to switch back. (into an over-priced contract.. big loss)
  3. Buy full-priced unlocked phones and subtract $480 from the cost. Saving yourself $20/month over the course of a 2-year contract you would otherwise be locked into = $480 saved every 2 years.

So go ahead and save yer' money for the next big development in mobile phones. Find this article

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