Netflix on Android - from G1 to Droid

January 5, 2010

I wrote a month or two ago about my Android application for Netflix subscribers. The application allows users to fully manage their instant and disc queues, browse recommendations and search all titles. The reason then for this post is to share an update and gloat a bit. QueueMan has a whole bunch of new features, has been downloaded nearly 5,000 times (Update: Over 10,000 times!), is tested and proven on Motorola’s Droid platform, and is getting quite positive reviews compared to other Netflix apps on the market.   Oh yeah - and it’s all open source - Booyah! The first release of QueueMan was.. well wimpy to be honest - but it did the trick for me.  Since then I have received lots of enhancement requests from Netflix users, and I am happy to report I have implemented a good number of those.

Latest Features

  • Browse Recommendations
  • Rate any title
  • view at home discs (and rate!)
  • Default Tab (queue) setting
  • Support for Droid, Eris and others

Praise for Netflix Application

I told you this article was about gloating didn’t I?  Sure is.  I think I have the best Android - Netflix app on the market, and some users are starting to agree!

I heart this app. I can add to both thats right both q’s in a simple fast clean app. Moto Droid compatible

– Woah - thanks Blake I appreciate the praise

Much more reliable than PhoneFlicks

–Thanks Drew, I have put much more effort into stability recently.

Best netflix app on the market! “Netflix reccomends” category is great but needs to be expanded by genre and by separating the disc and instant movies

–You’ll be happy to know you can now filter Recommendations by INstant Only James, thanks.

One of my top 10 apps!

– Thanks Jennifer, QueueMan and I are honored.

Great. Simple, easy to use. Just what I wanted it to do.

– Glad it is treating you well Jeffrey

The best Netflix application on the market. I just donated.

–Thanks MrSqueezles! your donation is greatly appreciated.

Read more great reviews and comments. If you want to share your comments please do so in the Android market. If you want to suggest new ideas, report issues, or contribute to QueueMan (testing, coding or reviewing pre-release features) please visit QueueMan’s project home.

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