Netflix Queue Manager for Android phones

October 24, 2009

QueueMan the Open Source Netflix queue management tool for Android Devices

QueueMan aims to be the Open Source Android application for Netflix subscribers. And it has already gotten some great reviews. [caption id=“attachment_628” align=“aligncenter” width=“256” caption=“Netflix application for Android devices (Nexus One, G1, Droid, Eris, others)"]Netflix application for Android devices (G1, Droid, Eris, others)[/caption] Isn’t it adorable!


  • View current Disc and Instant queues
  • Search Netflix catalog and Add new movies to Instant and DVD Queues
  • Re-order or delete existing movies
  • View movie details (Year, rating, Synopsis, etc)

Hot Announcement!

11/11/09 - QueueMan told me how it was, and he wants to be an open source droid. Well as a lowly developer I am in no position to argue.  Please checkout QueueMan’s new home on Google Project Hosting. QueueMan is now licensed under the GPL version 3.

QueueMan is a Beta Release

I think I have done a decent job of eliminating most bugs, but testing on an emulator and one developer device is hardly thorough, so your testing and development contributions are greatly appreciated! QueueMan wants to be your tool of choice for managing your Netflix Queue.   Users of Roku and XBox to watch instant movies will appreciate the ability to add movies to your instant Queue right form the couch! Conventional home delivery users will appreciate the ability to hold off that drab documentary and add a peppy holiday film to the top of your Queue. Best of all, everyone should appreciate his new Open Source swagger, he knows that with the free collaboration this provides he’ll be king of the hill in no time. Read all the Features

Sneak Peak

Have a look at the most common screens used by QueueMan; [caption id=“attachment_627” align=“aligncenter” width=“200” caption=“Recommendations, At Home titles, ratings and more”]Recommendations, At Home titles, ratings and more[/caption]

Where to Get QueueMan

QueueMan can be found in the Android Market place for users of Android 1.5 and 1.6.   Browse to the “Entertainment” section of  “Apps”. You may also download the application by scanning the image below (read ZXing) [caption id=”" align=“alignnone” width=“230” caption=“Download QueueMan”]Download QueueMan[/caption] **** Not a scanlife barcode. I don’t even understand the point of scanlife. Just download Barcode Scanner which is free and open too!** **R****ead the manual for usage details** **To report any issues, or  please visit**

Update - Feedback

I wanted to share some of the great feedback QueueMan is receiving in the Android Market, and thank all my users for taking the time to report issues or suggest enhancements. Your effort is critical for QueueMan’s success!

Best netflix app on the market! “Netflix reccomends” category is great but needs to be expanded by genre and by separating the disc and instant movies

–I’m working on it James, thanks.

Love it!

–Thanks Greg, glad to hear!

A bit slow, but the best Netflix application on the market

–I know performance is suffering a bit, and I am working to improve that, thanks MrSqueezles_?_

Great start. Please keep developing!

–You got it Dave!

Simple and easy to use. Works well on my eris

–That was my aim, thanks Londo!

Hey Eddie thanks for the great app you have going on here. I would like to suggest a movies currently out at home option if possible.

–Another request that is on my to-do list, thanks HAC_YEC

Simple interface with all the functionality. Love it. Thanks for all the updates! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

–Thanks Alison glad the updates were helpful.

Blog Reviews

Dylan from wrote an article describing why QueueMan is the Premiere App for Android devices.


According to my analytics, QueueMan has been used on the following platforms:

  • Motorola Droid

  • HTC G1

  • T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

  • HTC Hero

  • HTC Eris / Desire

  • Motorola CLIQ MB200/DEXT MB200

  • Samsung InstinctQ SPH-M900

  • Google Nexus One

  • Samsung Behold 2 SGH-T939

  • Google Android Dev Phone 1

  • Google Ion

  • Motorola Calgary

  • Motorola MB501

  • Motorola Milestone

  • HTC Magic

  • HTC Dream

  • Archos 5


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