New Name, Same Game

April 2, 2020

I’ve pushed some changes to this site to reflect an important change - my name!

Moving forward I will be using the surname Webbinaro, which is the marriage of my wife’s family name and my own.

Webb + Rendinaro = Webbinaro

Now, despite the low-hanging joke for an SE and tech speaker it does not sound like webinar but rather Webb-i-nair-o, respecting the roots in my wife’s family surname.

Although COVID-19 has slowed our process with the courts a bit, after 4 months of paper pushing we did it.

I’m updating my presence here and on all my social media and business profiles to reflect my new name. But don’t worry, I promise that Eddie Webbinaro is just as passionate about helping teams of every shape and size with awesome tools and culture of learning.

To recap, Eddie Webb is further forth known as Eddie Webbinaro. Given my indecisive use of Eddie and Edward combined intermittent inclusion of middle name, I now have 8 aliases, sweet!

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