Vote Tuesday, May 17

May 15, 2022
Eddie with his 2 children

This is a reprint of my campaign email for School Board

Friends and neighbors,

We’re just 2 days from the annual Peru CSD vote.

When: Tuesday, May 17 from 12 noon to 9pm
Where: high school gym, 17 School St.

Voter Resources

There are 4 propositions on the ballot as well as the vote for your next school board member. I’m hoping this email is an effective reminder to make the time Tuesday, and support me with your vote, but I also wanted to share a few resources to help your decisions.

I’ll start with a link to an online copy of the District’s recent “Community Report” which summarizes the budget & tax levy implications, the remaining 3 propositions, as well as a message from our Superintendent, Scott Storms. You can also access a breakdown of budget items and supplemental information from the district’s budget information page.

A Brief summary follows:

  1. Budget: Proposed expenditures of $51,956,692, calling for a 3% tax levy increase, Peru’s 2022-23 Tax Levy Limit.
  2. Buses: Proposal for (3) standard 65-passenger school buses & one (1) wheelchair school bus, for a total aggregate maximum cost of $563,575.48.
  3. Capital Reserve Dissolution : Authorize the BOE to liquidate and dissolve the “General Purpose Capital Reserve Fund.” Previously created to fund a portion of the nearly completed Capital Project [ stated to have a $0 balance as of May 10th budget meeting ].
  4. Capital Reserve Establishment: Authorize the BOE of Peru Central School District to establish a Capital Reserve Fund in an ultimate amount of $1,500,000 for the purpose of partially funding a future capital project within the next ten (10) years.

If you’re not here on Tuesday. NO problem! Voters may print & fill the absentee ballot request form (which is not the ballot itself) and head to the District Office on Monday. No time for mail, as the actual absentee ballot is due by May 17th at 5pm. You can fill it out right there on Monday though and hand it back in the office! Phew.

One last thing – We all know my opponent is good at drawing a crowd. She’s tapping on emotions and anger and she will see a strong turnout. But I know if you all come out and vote with the support you’ve shown over the past weeks that common sense will prevail. I feel confident that we can make this happen, but I need your help.

  • I need you to vote
  • I’d like for you to share this message
  • I’d love for you to remind your family, friends, and neighbors to vote as well

Thank you so much for your support,

Eddie Webbinaro
School Board Candidate

Want an Election Day Reminder?

You can download a calendar event for apple/ical or google calendar to remind you, or add your email to the form below and I’ll remind you a couple days out & morning of the vote May 17th, 12 noon to 9p.m. in High School Gym!

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