Wireless Tethering for Android Phones

May 26, 2010

As many of you already know, Google announed during their second IO Keynote on Thursday that the latest version of Android (2.2 - Froyo) to start shipping will include WiFi tethering - or hotspots. This feature allows you to share your mobile phone’s connection with any nearby computer - and its completely legit Phone carriers can be none to pleased, as makers like Sprint already include a hotspot option on their latest EVO, but charge extra for the feature. Since I was fortunate enough to attend Google IO i received the new EVO along with its 30 day trial of Sprint’s service.¬† I must say that I am in love, but paying ~$80 a month for one phone and data is just too much.. Maybe I will share the phone with a loyal reader after my plan expires next month..

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