Chazy Chateaugay Chute

August 6, 2019

This was a random route planned by Calimoto, it took me past 2 gorgeous lakes, Chazy and Chateaugay. The views were epic, both waterside and hilltop, unfortunately I was focused on the ride and didnt get many pictures.

Map image of this route

This ride was a lovely one for me. I set out early with a thermos of coffee and a sandwich, and spent the next 3 hours on a leisurely drive.

I started west towards Peasleville, but turned north Saranac way out to Ellenberg until I reached Chateaugay lake where I stopped for a bit of coffee. The water was still as glass reflecting a bright blue sky.

Lower Chateaugay Lake

I turned east through Ellenburgh and Altona, enjoying the hills of Chazy on my way back. There were a few great glimpses of Lake Champlain, but I was more into the towering windmills.

Chazy Windmills

Overall the drive wasn’t twist, technical or tough. It was just the kind of straightword ride I needed to help clear my mind, and enjoy the day.

GPX file
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