Adventure Riding

Inspired by co-worker and fellow ADV rider’s blog, I’ve decided to start blogging about some rides or activites I’m found of.

Moto Camping the Adirondacks

August 6, 2021

I’ve finally tapped my brother to join me for a off-road motorcycle camping adventure.

Kushaqua Mud Pond -- Finally (sorta)

July 5, 2020

PLANNED RIDE: Here’s the plan, re-visit CR-26 (full tank of gas this time!) and then turn southwest down Kushaqua-Mud Pond road down into Onchiota before returning eastward.

I finally did it! - New Tires

June 20, 2020

This is long overdue for me. I’ve been eyeing some nice 50/50 tires since I got this bike several years ago. I’ve had Mitas E-07 set sitting in my garage for 3 months. This weekend I finally swapped in my new tires, and dit it myself!

Running on empty - Loon Lake Loop

June 2, 2020

How far will your car go on “E”?

Once the little light pops on you know there’s a good bit left to get you to a fill-up at the nearest station. And I’ve pushed my car knowing that. A bit of googling says depending on make & model, most cars will get 30-50 miles.

But when the indicator light came on my bike this weekend I knew my little tank would not be so generous… or would it?

Thrall Dam and Tracy Rd

May 25, 2020

My buddy who’s been talking about “getting a big ol chopper” since he was 12 finally got himself a harley 20 years later. It’s his first bike, so we went for an easy ride a few weeks back.

When we were sitting outside after (socially distanced of course!) his neighbor joined our convo from the balcony. He asked if I liked Tracy rd. He wasn’t a rider, but he had heard from a group of his coworkers I guess.

Anyhow, apparently a well known and loved road, Tracy is a tight twisty ride with potholes that want to throw you out of your seat.

Chazy Chateaugay Chute

August 6, 2019

This was a random route planned by Calimoto, it took me past 2 gorgeous lakes, Chazy and Chateaugay. The views were epic, both waterside and hilltop, unfortunately I was focused on the ride and didnt get many pictures.

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