A collection of projects authored by Eddie, and likely shared out with the community as an open source project. Mostl likely integrations supporting CI, CD or DevOps tooling maturity.

Pipeline Flow for Bamboo

Enables deployment environments to behave as stages within the pipeline, triggering additional build stages. Also adds sweet visualization.

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Enterprise SSH Key Management for Bitbucket

Adds Enterprise Key rotation/enforcement policies to Atlassian Bitbucket.

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LED Energy Show

Using python on a Raspberry Pi Zero to visualize energy flow of solar panels to grid.

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BOSH release for Bamboo & Remote Agents

Large scale orchestration of Bamboo server, agents and database using BOSH

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Docker image for Bitbucket CI/CD Pipelines  "shipit"

Provides required dependencies and additional utilities to simplify and codify the process of building, testing and delivering Atlassian plugins all the way to the live marketplace.

  • Executes integration/AUT level tests against all stated compatible versions for the product
  • Uploads generated artifact to Atlassian marketplace
  • Provides corresponding metadata indicating version, release notes, and compatibility

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Atlassian Marketplace Plugins

Multiple plugins used by thousands of teams that provide enhanced functionality of Atlassian’s core products (primarily JIRA and Bamboo) to enrich CI/CD capabilities, DevOps automation, or productivity.

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This Site

This site itself is a static HTML/JS site generated by HUGO via a CircleCI's Continuous Delivery pipelines from a github repository. CircleCI Status Badge

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Happy Hour Command for Slack

Queries Google for local establishments meeting specified criteria randomly selecting a match based on reviews and distance.

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