Pipeline Flow for Bamboo

Adds fan-out/fan-in capabilities to Bamboo embedding Deployment Environments as part of the end-to-end flow.

Sample flow with parallel jobs and staggered deployments

There are two main components to this plugin; Fancy flow diagram visualization, and ability for builds to embed deployments as intermediate steps.


Bamboo Flow provides a “railroad diagram” style view of all build and deployment details, whether the specific plan is using Bamboo Flow to control deployment integration or not.

Visualize flow for all projects

Bamboo Flow will also show a much smaller visualization of the latest build in the Plan Overview heading.

Visualize flow for all projects

These features are automatically enabled, and requires not additional configuration. You can disable the Plugin Modules to disable either of them

Deployment Environment Integration

Bamboo Flow allows linked deployment project environments to be embeded not as a final stage, but a step within the build process, triggering additional downstream build stages.

Visualize flow for integrated project

This feature requires plans to be configured as described below.


Flow diagrams are enabled by default for all projects. These steps are only necessary to embed deployments as stages within a pipeline, triggering additional build stages on their completion.

  1. Create all build plan stages and jobs as you normally would **
  2. For any stage that should wait for deployment environments, mark them as manual Configure plan with manual stages
  3. Create deployment Project and Environments as you normally would
  4. For any Deployment Environment that should run before build plan stages from #2:
    1. Add the “After Successful Stage” trigger, and select the previous stage Add “After Stage” trigger to environments
    2. Add the “Bamboo Flow” task to that environment (order does not matter, it acts as a flag) Add “Continue Flow Task” to environments

** Jobs run in parallel, stages run sequentially

Project link: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.edwardawebb.bamboo-flow/server/overview

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